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thelegacyofdarryl asked
HEY! YOU! You have a happy New Year's and have a great year ahead of you. You're a great person behind this blog. Maybe when I tour with my band we'll meet and go on about how we love Daniel. Deal?

Thank you very much! You have a happy New Year’s as well! :) Sounds like a deal to me! I’ve never met any followers before, so that sounds exciting!

I can’t say this on my other blog because honestly some of my followers there are pretty annoying, but I thought I’d let everyone know that I absolutely love all of the followers I have on this blog. You guys are amazing! Thank you for being awesome! :D

Just saw a poor girl elsewhere on the internet get accused of only defending Daniel Tosh because she wants to fuck him


Yes Daniel Tosh is attractive, and I’m sure at least 80% of his straight female fanbase would love to fuck him, however I think I speak for everyone when I say his humor is what turned me onto him in the first place.

Me personally, my dad is a big Tosh fan; he introduced it to my brother who introduced it to me. I’ve been a Tosh fan for years, and it wasn’t until about a year ago I was watching Tosh.0 and just randomly thought “hey he’s actually pretty hot”

So, yeah just thought I’d clear that up. I know it’s soooo hard for you crazy radicals to accept that women actually enjoy Tosh’s dark humor without there being some other excuse you have to make up, but guess what we do, so build a bridge and get over it :D


I know this is not [adult swim] but I have to post this!

           - [adult swim] fan


I know this is not [adult swim] but I have to post this!

           - [adult swim] fan


Breaking news: Daniel Tosh isn’t funny

Breaking news: no one gives a fuck what you think